“ The Inexorable Rise of Agile“ @ Agile Tuesday 12. Jan 2016 in München

Der nächste Agile Tuesday wird spannend: Steve Denning (Buch „Radical Management“) spricht über „The Inexorable Rise of Agile“ („den erbarmungslosen/unaufhaltsamen Aufstieg von Agile“). Text des Veranstalters:

>>Steve Denning will discuss the dynamics of the ongoing transformation from the Traditional Economy of hierarchical bureaucracy to the radically different Agile management practices of the Creative Economy. He will review the challenges that lie ahead, including the difficulties of implementation, communicating Agile to general managers, the risk of fake Agile and a regression to bureaucracy, and resolving the pervasive tension between Agile teams at the working level and the way the organization at the top is run.<<